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Curbed PriceSpotter: Clinton Hill Mansion Slice

Yesterday, we gave you the details on this Clinton Hill mansion-apartment. Today, we reveal the asking price. Thanks for playing.

Listing: Listing: Clinton Avenue [Corcoran]
Asking: $1.349 million
Lotta Clinton Hill lovers out there (see, e.g., "Wow, that's gorgeous! I could totally live there." and "I love that building--it has a serious Chicago vibe to it.") We'll consider that second comment a compliment and move on. Commenter Mr. Minerva says the parlor floor apartment sat on the market for some time at $1.2 million, but that was before things got CRAZY. Some fine guessing out there, including a couple just a $1k off the mark. Fix may have been in, but we'll award the gold star to Sofia, pending investigation.
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