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CurbedWire: Listings Lingerie, 151 Wooster, and Moving Day for the Moondance

DIGITAL FRONTIER—Are the above staging photographs (N.B. bra on doorknob) advertising a $1700 Prospect Heights rental absolutely revolting, as one Curbed reader has suggested, or strangely alluring? We're flipping a coin on this one. [CurbedWire Inbox/Craigslist]

SOHO—Fresh from the condo hunt, a tipster writes, "I just took a look at 151 Wooster. It’s an attractive building with a proposed 10 condo lofts (all 3000 square feet) and 2 large penthouses. Actually, the broker said they have a contract out to some lucky single hedge fund guy who is going to combine them for over 7000 square feet of indoor space and 5000 outside. Pretty sick? Anyway, the showrooms looks great and the units have nice layouts but I haven’t noticed any comments on this one and it’s right around the corner from 160 Wooster that received some coverage from you guys." Your thoughts are welcome, natch. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WYOMING—The Committee To Save The Moondance Diner emails with this "Great News!": "The stop work order on NYC's historic Moondance Diner was rescinded. Its move to the small town of LeBarge, Wyoming, will finally become a reality on Friday, August 10th." [CurbedWire Inbox]