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On the Racked: TJ's Officially Sign'd, LES Retail Mystery!

And now, the latest from Racked, covering retail and shopping from the sidewalks up.

1) Queens: The official signage is up at TJ's new Queens outpost, per the above photo from neighborhood blogger Forest Hills 72. Just a few more weeks here. Patience.

2) Lower East Side: Check out this secret interior photo from the new storefront at Rivington and Ludlow Streets and help us answer a question for the ages: is this going to be Steve Madden store, or a Marc Jacobs outpost on the LES?

3) Upper West Side: Confirming an old Storefronting rumor from back in the day, Sephora has moved from West 74th up to bigger digs at Broadway and 76th. Says a tipster, "Probably going to be a huge downside for business, I think half the women who exit the 1/2/3 at 72nd St pop into Sephora on the way home or the way to Fairway. Definitely not as much foot traffic up on 76th/77th at the east side of Bway.""