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Curbed Roundtable: New Development Defects?

Just how big an issue is the construction quality of new residential developments in New York City? The forthcoming issue of Habitat magazine digs into that question, citing examples like 30 Crosby Street in Soho ("fireplaces and flues were so poorly renovated, a lawsuit alleges, that smoke and carbon monoxide poured into apartments") and the Empire Condomimium Tower at Third Ave. and 77th Street ("buckling floors, leaks, and other problems in its $3 million apartments led to the state attorney general’s office requiring the developer to make $2.5 million in repairs"). Given the fact that many issues won't show up until after the dust settles, something tells us we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg on this one. Your thoughts?
·: And Then You Find... Construction Defects [Habitat]