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Two Trees' Dumbo Vision Revealed in Model Form

When a grainy photo taken inside Two Trees Management's office shows up, we pay attention. When that photo shows a model of the Dumbo neighborhood we all know and love?but with some bonus features?we break out the red numbers. Here is Dumbo: the Director's Cut, now openly on display in a Walentas lobby near you:

1) Looks like the controversial Dock Street development is a given in the Walentas' hypothetical future Dumbo. What say you, angry mob?
2) Is that Jane Walentas' painfully restored 1922 carousel? You bet it is! We already know that this sucker will wind up in Brooklyn Bridge Park one day, but it's nice to see they're giving it a prime spot.
3) Here we have the Empire Warehouses, which reportedly will wind up as a performing arts venue, sporting a nice Brooklyn Dodgers tribute.
4) Holy shit, a marina?! Well, there ain't a Dock Street for nothing, kids. For what it's worth, we're hearing that the Two Trees gang doesn't actually think a marina will happen, it's just a dream. And what a dream! Jeeves, I'll take my highball on the schooner!

As our anonymous tipster points out, "Walentas is going into master builder mode," but it's not like Dumbo's First Fam hasn't been kicking it into high gear already.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201