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New Development Namewatch Sunset Slope Edition: Fusion

It's nearly impossible to keep up with the new developments sprouting up in South Slope/Greenwood Heights these days. Back when we lived there, we called it Sunset Slope behind closed doors. That was when it was kinda embarrassing to live there. The names of these developments are no less cringeworthy. Case in point: Fusion (at 284-286 20th St.). Per Corcoran's site, "this exceptional 14-unit elevator development lies in South Park Slope and neighbors trendy restaurants, Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens." The use of the word "neighbors" here is a bit of a stretch, but the kitchens do look purty.

No word on what items the word "fusion" is referring to. We're banking on 4th Avenue's unique combination of cemetery marker companies and neon sign factories.
· Fusion: Overview [Corcoran]