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Clinton Hill Ladder: Good Rental Deals and Fake-Outs

Given that we're hanging out in Clinton Hill this week, here's a look at some rental selections in the nabe.

1) What/Where: 1BR on St. James Place
Rent: $1,650/mo.
Sqft: unknown
The Skinny: Excited caps-lock special: LIVING ROOM SPACE, MODERATE KIT,MODERN BATH,GREAT NATURAL LIGHT. St. James is a beautiful street, and the bathroom does look pretty nice. But the other two photos are blurry. Plus, $1,600 is an awful lot for a 1BR in Clinton Hill. It's hard to come to a definitive conclusion here without square footage or a floorplan.
· Listing: CLINTON HILL [Eva Daniels Realty]

2) What/Where: 2BR private house, Waverly Ave.
Rent: $8,000/mo.
Sqft: unknown
The Skinny: Very interesting situation—an entire furnished house for rent by the day, week or month. It's a renovated carriage house that's been tastefully refinished, next to an elementary school. The place looks to be decorated with insanely exotic and expensive furniture and fixtures. As the broker says, "Why not combine your temporary visit to New York with a stay in Indonesia, Thailand and France?" Question is, if you have $8k a month to spend on rent, why would you do it on Waverly Ave?
· Listing: Waverly Avenue [Corcoran]

3) What/Where: 3BR duplex, 258 Clinton Ave. (near DeKalb)
Rent: $3,550/mo.
Sqft: 2,100
The Skinny: Looks pricey at first glance, but the photos reveal a gorgeous historic space, uniquely shaped rooms, built-ins, etc. A walk-in master closet sweetens the deal. Located on one of the neighborhood's prettiest blocks, it's a pretty decent rental, albeit probably not for the just-out-of-college set.
·Listing: Three Bedroom Duplex [Citi-Habitats]