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CurbedWire: Meshy at the New Museum, FiDi Cubed, Edgy BQE

LOWER EAST SIDE?A New Museum neighbor provides an update on the progress of the mesh covering the building on the Bowery: "The mesh went up and the beautiful white mate finish that made the building disappear into the background is covered by this dizzy making dirt catching texture; the drama is that on the back of our building they decided to mesh as well!" Good that it all meshes. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?We go, quite logically, from mesh to cube and our old obsession, the Tower of Penthouses that developer Frank Sciame and architect Santiago Calatrava would like to see at 80 South Street. A reader writes that there is activity at the site, for whatever it's worth: "It looks like the scaffolding and construction fences at Sciame's are up around the whole block bordered by Fletcher, South, Maiden and Front. Could the 'FiDi Cube dream' becoming a reality?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?It's hard, very hard, to make everyone happy when you're a developer and there are people around who don't love your project. So it is with The Edge on Kent Avenue, which is being civic-minded and helping keep the BQE clean. A reader writes, "I was driving on the BQE and noticed a highway sign saying the EDGE condos were the clean highway sponsor of the mile around williamsburg. I thought it was insane and wonderful that they are giving back to our community *barf*" [CurbedWire Inbox]