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Floorplan Antiporn: $11.5 Million Can't Buy Clarity on UES

A Curbed reader took a long hard look at this floorplan for an $11.5 million four bedroom co-op on East 71st Street and wrote: "This is the most difficult to read floorplan i have seen in a long time. does the broker not think people know where to put their furniture?? and how the hell is it 12 rooms?? I count 10 (and that's generous)." We didn't even try counting, because all those shapes are messing with our minds. We're about 10 seconds away from seeing a unicorn appear on the screen. Oh, and is the owner running a cafe out of the dining room? If so, it must be safari themed, given the interior photos. Rest in peace, zebras.
· Listing: 30 East 71st Street [Halstead]

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