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Open House Report: Novo Park Slope Adventure

We rejoiced when this open house report from the Novo Park Slope on Fourth Avenue hit our inbox a while ago. Read on, and you will see why:

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting an open house at the Novo Park Slope (ie, the Bride of 4th Avenue) this weekend. The agents claim that over 50% of the units have sold, which I find highly unlikely as this weekend was the first with a working non-construction elevator. Even still, the elevator had no door, a giant hole in the sheet rock ceiling, and styrofoam walls. The model units are on the 10th floor, and we got stuck somewhere between 8 and 9. There were about 9 people in the elevator and none of us was relishing the thought of plunging to our deaths in this building. When we asked about taking the stairs down, we were told they were nailed closed. Hooray for safety. One scoop: the elevators are glass, facing out onto the splendor of the taxi garage and staples parking lot across 4th Ave. The model units verdict: eh. They have two two-bedroom units fitted out, one on either side of the building. Overall, I'd give this building a thumbs down. The finishes are pretty nice -- decent appliances, nice cabinets, but the construction crew didn't really have an eye for detail... scratches and chips on the floor, vanity, countertop. Not surprisingly, some really strange choices were made in construction. First, the guest bath is at least 2x as large as the master. There is literally no room for 2 people in the master bath, which only has a shower and a single sink. Second, in one of the apt lines, you have to walk through the closet to get to the master bath. This sounds ok in concept, but in practice the doorway into the closet is literally 3/4 normal width. My friend, at 6'-2" and 180lbs, literally had to turn his shoulders to get through the door. The closet itself would leave about 1'-6" of walking space through to the bathroom with clothes on the hangars. Plus, the closet door swings inwards, so it would be impossible to access about 1/4 of the closet without closing the closet door with yourself inside. Bad bad bad.

The balconies are a nice touch, especially to escape the claustrophobic over-furnishing of the model units. Standing on the balcony, however, you can really see how they squeezed the floor-to-floor heights in the building; you're practically right on top of the terrace below. It would be entirely possible to carry on a comfortable conversation between the two outdoor spaces 1 floor apart... they're that close.

The building doesn't appear to be anywhere close to finished. I'd expect Feb occupancy at the earliest.

Sign me,

No(vo) thanks.

As long time fans of the Novo, we are crestfallen.
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