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It Happened One Weekend: Chelsea Hotel Drama, 111 CPN Gets Glossy, 'Burgh Clock Strikes Back, More

1) The Times put out another issue of their Key real estate magazine yesterday, and since the lineup is way more national than local (photos of country singers' living rooms in Nashville, for example), we won't really dive in. We will say that the parking condos story was fun, and the cover is cool. [Key]

2) A group of artists who have made a Chelsea hotel their longtime home are worried about getting the boot so the place can be turned into a luxury hideaway. And nope, it's not the hotel you're thinking of. [The City/Gregory Beyer]

3) This story on magazines tricking out condos in new developments as a way to promote the buildings as well as the mags' advertisers is notable for this reason: the sketch of Esquire's coming show condo at 111 Central Park North is pretty splashy. Oh, and Esquire is turning a room into an airplane or something. [Posting/C.J. Hughes]

4) The long-stalled removal of One Hanson Place's black netting?which has upset many a Brooklynite with its clock-obscuring ways?is finally in the homestretch. The old Williamsburgh Savings Bank building clock was given a fresh makeover while under wraps. Shall we begin a pool on when it will break? [The City/Alex Mindlin]

5) Look, if you have a shitload of kids and you're rich, you move to the suburbs. That's the way it's always been, and that's the way it should be forever. You do not buy three or six(!) apartments on the Upper West Side and combine them into a play palace for your little rugrats so they can grow up not understanding why regular people don't own 6,000-square-foot apartments in Manhattan. Our society needs order! ['Mansions in the Sky'/Christine Haughney]

6) What do you do when you're a 24-year-old gym rat with $700,000 to spend on a Midtown one-bedroom apartment, but that budget only affords you crappy views at the Orion on West 42nd Street? You get your folks involved and up your budget, duh. Man, being a struggling twenty-something in New York is so hard! [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]