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Rumblings & Bumblings: 12 Stories for G-Slope, Cigar for EVill's Green Monster, More

1) G-Slope: Here's a mouthful from the Park Slope/Gowanus DMZ: "I live on 8th St. near 4th Ave. in Park Slope. There is a new tower about to be built on 8th and 4th. Workers have been in and out getting ready to demolish a building that is apparently part of the property and they did some kind of drilling with several trucks a couple of weeks ago (right). My neighbor and I have been doing some poking around and we spoke to one of the workers in front of the property who showed us a sketch. Here's what we know: it will be a 12 story 50,000 sf building. Seems to have a parking entrance on 4th and a large outdoor garden on 8th st. Architect is a company called "DJ Associates" who we never heard of. Supposedly will be LEED certified and have 40 units or so. Still trying to find out who the developer is-any info? Also, would love to see a rendering. I hope this one will be better than the Crest/Novo garbage etc. Also, anyone know if there will be any retail?"

2) East Village: And now, a stunning update from the Upper East Village: "Remember the green wall on that condemned building on 13th and 1st Ave? For the first time in years, there were workers there today. Two guys were inside the old Mee Noodle space, with a big burly Russian looking guy smoking a big cigar in the doorway [Ed.?!!!]. Part of the wall was also open, showing the support beams that are holding the building up. Did it finally get sold/is something happening here?"

3) Chelsea: More queries about the condemned: "There is condemned bldg 152-156 on west 26th street between 6th ans 7th ave. Any info what will happen to it? It's been vacant for more than 2 months."

4) Chelsea: Another one from Chelsea, and this one is lacking on some vital stats (like an address), but do what you can with it: "There's a new building being built on the SouthWest corner of 18th Street and 7th Avenue and was wondering if anyone had any information on it? I'm assuming it's going to be a condo or rental but there aren't any signs up relating to it yet even though they've built at least 7 stories so far. There is, however, a sign with contact information saying that retail space will be available."

Got an answer to one of the reader queries above? Leave a note in the comments. If you've got another question drop a line to Digital photos highly encouraged. Answers from readers are posted on Thursdays.