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Ask Curbed: I Just Got a Bill for Three Years of Gas

Here's an interesting question from our Ask Curbed Inbox about big, old utility bill finally showing up in the mail:

My roommate and I have lived in our Park Slope apartment for approximately three years. The only gas we use in our apartment is for cooking and we were under the assumption that this was paid by our landlord who assumes heat and water costs. We recently received a postcard in the mail from Keyspan Energy saying that a recent meter reading revealed that gas is being used in our apartment and that the service will be terminated within 5 days (it only took 3 years to catch this and send a postcard!). We checked with our neighbors and they actually do pay for their own gas, but Keyspan is demanding that we make 3 years worth of back payments and service fees which amounts to around a hefty approximate $550 charge. Does anyone know if there is some sort of statute of limitations on these charges? I don't believe in stealing anything (except maybe the occasional mp3) but this seems ridiculous to fund Keyspan's inaction!Your responses ahead in the comments section.
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