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Carroll Gardens Heavy Metal Building Goes Easy Listening

The recooked plans for the Heavy Metal Building at 360 Smith Street had a public reveal last night. Developer Billy Stein was in Carroll Gardens showing off a new design by architect Robert Scarano that replaces the metallic look seen in the original drawing with a red-brick and white terracotta facade with rows of big smoked glass windows and some balconies. Lest you ask where the rendering is, the developer only pulled out the drawing on the condition that all the iPhones and cameras in the room be stowed away.

So here goes the verbal description: the building, which he says "isn't finalized" has the same general shape of the original Heavy Metal Building. It rises six stories at street level and has a set-back seventh story with penthouses. There's a big white tapered front element that goes up seven stories at the corner formed by Smith Street and the plaza in front of the Carroll Street subway station. The original building covered up the plaza; the new one keeps the plaza open.

"I've always had in my heart something more contextual." The developer said that he and Mr. Scarano were shooting for a building that is "somewhat contemporary" but "much more traditional" and that "still reflects the neighborhood." He said, "I've always had in my heart something more contextual" and that the original Heavy Metal design on the architect's website was a "concept" drawing that was never meant for public consumption a later version that was circulated was described as having a "South Beach" look.

The developer said he would preserve the open space in front of the subway entrance where residents can see trains coming before they go underground because it was "New York City's answer to East Hampton's beach real estate. You watch the trains roll in like the waves." Yes, that's what he said.

The new 44-unit condo building will clock in at seven stories; construction could start in a couple of month. We're hoping for the actual rendering soon.
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