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Curbed Fall Reset: Help Us Help You

[Atlantic Terminal Site 4B photo via Curbed Photo Pool/threecee]

Friends, as we here at Curbed shake off the summer and ramp it up for the fall, a reminder about two ways you?yes, you!?can help improve the site.

Curbed Photo Pool: Check out that awesome photo we plucked from the Curbed Photo Pool! In fact, we often grab photos and post them, linking back to the original shots. The benefit for the photog? Glory. To get in the mix, sign up for Yahoo's free Flickr photo-sharing service, and assign relevant urbany photos to the Curbed Photo Pool. Like we said, byline credit and a link will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over. [Curbed Photo Pool]

Tips: To put it simply, Curbed could not exist without the support and knowledge of its readers. Is there something you'd like to tell us? News from your neighborhood? A rant against a building going up in your backyard? Someone pooping on your stoop? An open house report? We're all eyes, believe us. All emails to are read, and many get published. Anonymity is assured, unless you specifically ask for credit. Thanks for being awesome, and we will continue to try and entertain you. [The Tipline]