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Prayers Answered: 22 Mixed-Use Stories for Hudson Square

The centuries-old Trinity Church is kicking it into high-gear when it comes to doing the Lord's work, and by doing the Lord's work, we of course mean developing Hudson Square. The nabe's biggest landlord has been up to something on Canal Street, and now Charles Bagli reports in the Times that the church is leasing out an eight-story warehouse on Hudson Street?which we're guessing is 324-344 Hudson (right), but it's difficult because Trinity owns so freakin' much?to developer Tribeca Associates. The plan is to build a 14-story brick tower on top of the warehouse, and turn it into the mixed-use cocktail du jour: retail/office space/luxury hotel. The top two floors of the 171-room hotel would have floor-to-ceiling glass, a pool and an event space. Construction begins this month, God willing.
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