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CurbedWire: Windsor Court Eats, Upper East Side Demo, Hurricane Worries

[Photo courtesy of Sarah Swain/flickr]

MURRAY HILL?From the inbox comes news of both development and food: "So I was walking through the Murray Hill area last evening and noticed a substantial construction project taking place on the northeast corner of 31st and lex. The infamous dormitory - Windsor Court Apartments - which occupies the north side of 31st street between 3rd ave and lex is fairly recessed and the project will occupy a plot of land directly in front of the building, making residential construction an impossibility - at least high-rise. I called the management office to try to get the scoop and found out that another Brother Jimmy's BBQ (2 floors) is being built...Yet another reason to get out." [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER EAST SIDE?A reader emails to report that demolition crews have arrived on East 77th Street: "It looks like they have started to dismantle and bring down a few of the adjoining buildings on the north/east corner." The current tenants, like the pharmacy on the corner, are going to make way for an 18-story building that will have 32 apartments. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MANHATTAN?Should Manhattanites be worrying about hurricanes even if their insurance isn't being canceled the way it is in Brooklyn? An email that arrived in our inbox suggests it should go on the list of things to be concerned about: "While a major hurricane would not threaten huge skyscrapers, their lobbies and basements could suffer major problems resulting in large assessments to unit owners when building insurance does not suffice.' [CurbedWire Inbox]