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Brooklyn Fast Food Neighborhood React-O-Matic

You didn't think that news about McDonald's coming to Court Street in Carroll Gardens and an IHOP downtown was going to unnoticed by neighbors, did you? Here's some react on both fronts:

1) McDonald's: "We must put a halt to this now. No McD. No more dunkin donuts, YES YES - SUPERMARKET. KEEP OUR QUAINT FOUR FAMILY BROWNSTONE HOUSES." [Curbed Inbox]

2) McDonald's: "Although I don't really mean this, there's a part of me just wishes McDonald's would open in the 'hood and be done with it and then we wouldn't have to suffer through the passionate throes of McDonald's-about-to-open-and-ruin-our -quality-of-life rumors. Just saying." [A Brooklyn Life]

3) IHOP: "It does not fit in at all. There are already enough rats around here. This will bring more rats and unneeded congestion." The heck with the rats, though, another person predicts a far worse fate: "People who work around here don't have enough time to sit down and eat during lunch hour. It's not going to be open for long." [NYDN]

No IHOPBK love? What is the world coming to?