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Magnolia Bakery Bringing the Sweet Stuff Upper, West

It looks like Andy Samberg will have far less of a commute when he decides to snack on some cupcakes before hitting up a Narnia screening on the Upper West Side. Our friends at Eater have the exclusive that the Magnolia Bakery is opening up a new outpost on 69th Street and Columbus Avenue, in the now-shuttered former Lenge space you see above. Crazy, you say? Well, Eater got the confirmation from Magnolia owner Steve Abrams, so it sounds pretty legit to us. Reports Eater:

This location will be quite a bit bigger than the Bleecker Street original, though plans are to preserve much of the small quarters feel of bakery uptown. Abrams will do a gut renovation on Lenge, before he installs Magnolia with an "updated look" from architect Mark Zeff (Red Cat, Mermaid Inn). As a special bonus to the neighborhood, the new space will have a private party room, which is guaranteed to make the Upper West Side parent set quite happy, at least until a highly localized child obesity problem sets in.So what does this monumental news mean for the Upper West Side? Surely the hordes of tourists and college girls aiming for a frosting fix will stick to the original Magnolia, if only to retain the Sex and the City authenticity. Abrams said he's hoping the new Magnolia will be more of a neighborhood spot, but c'mon Steve, we all know that 69th and Columbus will soon be a sugar-fueled madhouse.
· Exclusive: Magnolia Bakery Opening Upper West Side Outpost [Eater]