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Rockrose Blesses LIC With Amish Market

Late yesterday, word came via our sister site Racked that one of the biggest remaining reasons to hate on the Queens West chunk of Long Island City?no grocery store, dude!?is no more. Apparently there are supermarkets in this world other than Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, because broker Andrew Fine reported on his blog that Rockrose has a deal to stick an Amish Market in the coming East Coast Phase 2 rental building at Center Boulevard and 47th Avenue. Eat that, FreshDirect! A little more research shows that Nest Seekers broker Eric Benaim posted the news on his blog on August 30, pointing out that this Amish Market replaces the Jubilee that was supposed to go in ECP2. Supermarket, Starbucks?what's next, LIC, a Pinkberry? Don't go becoming a regular neighborhood on us.
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