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Whole Foods, Enlightenment & Sewage in Gowanus

There is some info to convey about that hotbed of development talk, Gowanus:

1) There was significant news about the Gowanus Whole Foods was contained in a couple of sentences midway through a story in today's Sun,: the opening of the big store has been delayed through 2009. While the site is being cleared, work is proceeding at a "snail's pace." [Sun]

2) A big unused warehouse at the corner of Union and Bond that has been on the market for $12 million as a development site, has a new, temporary use as the Ayyun Center for Jewish Enrichment. It's got a new paint job outside, and chandeliers and drapes inside. It's likely to be part of the coming Gowanus rezone which could allow 10-12 story buildings. [GL]

3) If you want to know why the future of development in Gowanus may be a little on the slow side, then, check out this photo of the, uh, sewage flow on the canal after Tuesday's rainstorm. Put us down for an outdoor waterfront terrace after the Whole Foods opens. [Found in Brooklyn]