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On the Racked: Market Table, H&M Date Set, Boss to MePa

And now, the latest from Racked, covering retail and shopping from the sidewalks up. But first, let's say goodbye to Fashion Week with a look at Street Style, courtesy of the fantastic fashion portal Refinery 29.

1) West Village: In the opening department, the "Market" side of store/restaurant Market Table, the buzzed-about undertaking by Mike Price (Mermaid Inn) and Joey Campanaro and Gabriel Stulman (Little Owl), opened its doors yesterday at 54 Carmine Street in the space that used to be Shopsin's. Said to have insanely good dried fruit among other things. The restaurant side is supposed to open next week.

2) Midtown: You know you've been waiting for it: The new 25,000 square foot H&M at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street (505 Fifth Ave) will be open on 9/27. Be one of the first 200 people in and you get a free t-shirt.

3) Midtown/MePa: Also from Midtown, but in a much different category, the retail rumor of the day is that Hugo Boss is planning to "pack up its current flagship location at 55th and 5th, and set up shop in the Meatpacking District of all places." Word is they're taking 5,000 square feet right next door to a new MePa tech arrival.

4) Long Island City: Finally, you may have already heard, but it bears repeating. A supermarket is finally coming to Long Island City.