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Rumor: Bowery Getting a 'Bucks

Racked has a very unconfirmed report that Starbucks is taking over the old Adams Restaurant Supply store on the southwest corner of Bowery and Houston. The tipster writes: "i guess that will be the first national retail outfit on the bowery since hammacher schlemmer closed their original store there a century ago!" Of course, as Racked notes, Whole Foods has been classing up the Bowery with singles events and beer rooms for a while now. Even though the Bowery retains a hardscrabble identity in the minds of many, this certainly doesn't feel as momentous as when the LES Starbucks was unveiled (Ah, summer of '05, where have you gone?). Perhaps it's because we're living in an age where superstar chefs co-opt CBGB to sell $29 hamburgers. But still, a moment of silence please.
· Storecasting Special: Starbucks Taking The Bowery? [Racked]