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It's Official: Greenpoint Oil Spill Might Be a Little on the Big Side

The EPA, which spent a year looking at the environmental horror of the Exxon-Mobil oil spill in Greenpoint, has concluded that original estimate of 17 million gallons spilled underground "may have been low." How low? How does 30 million gallons sound? (The "unofficial" estimate has alway ranged that high.) The report also notes that sampling found significant levels of explosive methane gas in some buildings and that the oil is still seeping into Newtown Creek. The agency found evidence of chemicals at all 45 sites it tested but said there wasn't "a pattern that would typically represent a vapor-intrusion phenomenon." It says that at the current clean-up rate, it will take 25 years to remove 70 percent of the underground oil (aka "free product"). There's a lawsuit to try to speed that up a bit.
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