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Arris Loft's Phantom Menace

Like any update on Long Island City on this here website, the post about the Amish Market coming to Rockrose's East Coast Phase 2 building broke out into a huge argument about the Arris Lofts. Specifically, there is some back-and-forth on whether or not hookers patrol the blocks near Arris, which is just a stiletto throw away from the 59th Street Bridge. Are they "phantom hookers," like one Arris-defender suggests, or is the hooker crisis all too real. Drama! Luckily, a 30-year LICer (or so he claims) chimed in to clarify the situation for us.

First, it is a well known fact that hookers hang out at the subway station near Arris. They try to get the foot traffic and the cars coming off 59th st bridge. However, this has died down a bit over the years and the hookers are mostly by the subway station, not Arris. Bottom line, you may see hookers stolling past Arris once or twice a week, but they are mostly near the subway station which unfortunately is close to Arris. Hope this helps.We don't care if it's BS or not, that may be the best comment ever.
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Arris Lofts

27-28 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101