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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: I Just Got a Bill for Three Years of Gas (80 comments)
"tell them you have an electric stove and you dont know how this is even possible. Tell them they can come at take a look. You arent paying them for some small gas leak that they might have. then, go buy an electric stove."
2) Sunset Park: This is What Gentrification Sounds Like (73 comments)
"I am a young, white, professional who has bought and lives in Sunset Park after being priced out of Park Slope(where I lived for six years) and Manhattan (where I grew up). I live there because of the same economic reasons that everyone else of the same/different race lives there."
3) Arris Loft's Phantom Menace (65 comments)
"Yes, the Queens Plaza of today is one-fifth as skeezy as it was ten years ago, and the hookers are confined to a much smaller area. But anyone who says there aren't hookers near Arris isn't looking all that close."
4) New Look Newsstands Join Bus Shelters on the Streets (50 comments)
"Newstands perform the exact same function that they have for 70 years. Why do they need to be redesigned? Fix something that's not broken, and all you can do is break it."

Arris Lofts

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