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'Burg Hipsters Seize McCarren Track for 'Art'

Sure, Williamsburg will soon have a bowling alley, movie theater, beer hall with stadium technology and an Apple store (wishful thinking!), but that doesn't mean the artsy spirit of Williamsburg circa '99 has been snuffed out completely. Tired of the rapid development encircling McCarren Park? Then this Sunday, a pair of artists that operate under the name MTAA want you to take it slow. Really slow. They're organizing a "Super Slow 5K" around McCarren's track, and here are the details: "It begins at 11AM and ends when it seems right or 4PM, whichever comes first. Refreshments will be served, folding chairs and blankets will be utilized." And because this is Williamsburg/Greenpoint and there are artists involved, this is not described as a prank or gag, but rather, a "performance/race." Ah, Billyburg, we knew you still had it in ya.
· MTAA's Super Slow 5K! []