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Bushwick Building Has a MySpace Page for Its Bedbugs

[Photo courtesy of CrystalPowell/flickr]

It's hard to say what's more compelling about the hipster building at 248 McKibbin in Bushwick. Is it the fact that the loft building has a MySpace page? Or that the page is currently full of news about bedbugs in the building instead of weekend parties? Well, let's just say it came to our attention thanks to the latter. Here's a bit about the bedbugs:

Our building is experiencing a MAJOR bedbug problem...We all need to get together on this so that we can all sleep at night, not worrying about getting literally eaten by these goddamn things! The "About Me" blurb says "I am the destroyer. My laundry facilities are less than par..." In case you're wondering, 248's status is "swinger" and it's orientation is "not sure." It drinks and smokes, says it's a Taurus and claims income of "$250,000 and higher."

As for the bedbugs, which brought us here in the first place, we'll conclude with this comment on the page:

I know for a fact that everybody outside of the coccoon of people who live in 248 knows that the entire building has been infested for a couple years. I have three close friends whose lives were seriously fucked up by this. The landlord is counting on the churning of new people coming in who aren't clued into the community and thus don't realize what's going down.Also, there are big illustrations of bedbugs on the page in case you need them for reference purposes.
· 248 McKibbin Street [MySpace]