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Cabrini Polyclinic Sold Again; No Dorm?

It hurts to see one of our favorite East Village buildings get bounced around like a Long Island City hooker, but that's exactly what's happening to the old Cabrini Stuyvesant Polyclinic (and older German library) at 137 Second Avenue. In January, we spoke of the dorm plans for the 1883 landmark, but the Villager now reports that newish owner Herbert Hirsch never followed through on the plans, instread deciding to sell the building after failing to lease it out as a restaurant/bar. The buyer? Unknown. The plans? Unknown. The only solid intel out there is that Hirsch paid $4.8 million for the building last August (remember when $25M was floating around?) and listed it through Massey Knakal for $7.5 million. Look, just because the building is red does not mean it should be treated like a redheaded stepchild. Let's hope the new owner can show it some TLC.
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[Photo via Flickr/epicharmus]