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West Chelsea Curveball Coming Fast

[456 West 19th Street, pre and post. Pre photo via Property Shark]

When you're planning to build on the same block as an Annabelle Selldorf piece of work, you'd better bring the motherfucking heat. And that's precisely what developer Cary Tamarkin appears to be doing. On the southeast corner of 19th Street and Tenth Avenue in Chelsea?so close to Selldorf Associates' 520 West Chelsea project?CityRealty reports that Tamarkin is putting up an as-of-right building with 22 duplex condos, a piece of work that's curvy up top, just the way we like 'em. The building is supposedly highly influenced by the nearby Starrett-Lehigh Building. Excavation work is already set to begin, and this sucker won't be cheap, with prices averaging $1,500-$2,800 per square-foot.

Here are some more details:

Mr. Tamarkin's 19th Street building, which also has an address of 140 Tenth Avenue, almost seems to swivel its billowing curvilinear upper portion atop its rectilinear base. The building plays with scale and two floors are actually behind each of its huge, industrial-size, multi-paned windows. Each apartment has a living room with a 20-foot-high living room, Mr. Tamarkin told today, adding that the facade will be a "dusty black brick."That deafening hum you hear? That's the sound of buzz, friends.
· New Chelsea condo has curved top and 22 duplex units [CityRealty]

456 West 19th Street

456 West 19th Street, New York, NY