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Another Blow for Astroland

Hey, did you know that the city is looking for a new site for Astroland? Well, they were up until yesterday, when the search for a new Astroland site was called off following the end of negotiations between officials and Astroland's owner, reports the Post. This means that the only hope Astroland has is getting that pesky lease extention from Thor Equities. And speaking of Thor Equities, Gowanus Lounge has the details on a lengthy open letter sent out by "unofficial mayor" of Coney Island Dick Zigun, who up until this point has mostly backed the redevelopment. The letter is essential reading for any Coney fan, and here's just a smidgeon: "While we're likely to see a lot more fancy drawings and likely to hear tons of empty promises about jobs and integrity from the folks of Thor, what we're probably not going to see from Thor is an acceptable or realistic vision for the neighborhood we all love so much."
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