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Red Hook Update: Now in Yellow and Blue

Taking a look down Red Hook way, we can report that a serious dose of yellow has been added to the big blue box that has been rising on Beard Street all summer long, starting to give the entire waterfront a seriously Ikea look. The view here is down Beard Street, where the old paving stones will soon completely disappear to allow for smooth, wide asphalt leading to the mammoth Ikea parking lot. Looks like they're very much on track for the anticipated ribbon cutting next year.

Meanwhile, the massive demolition job on the former Revere Sugar Plant site by Thor Equities is still going on. You might remember that the first workers arrived last December and, by the looks of things, there might well still be some people on the site when December rolls around again. Note the blue-and-yellow Ikea across the water beyond the Revere rubble.

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