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Ask Curbed: I've Got My Landlord Over a Barrel

It wouldn't be a real Ask Curbed without mystery, intrigue ... and rent stabilization. But this stabie is interested in something more than the usual "can my landlord kick me out?" Nope, instead this person wants to leverage his affordable living into something bigger, or perhaps, better:

I currently occupy a great 700Sq ft apt. that my landlord would love to get away from me. I just passed $2000 mo. and have had my income certified by the DHCR to keep out of luxury decontrol. I am sure that he would put out $$ in anticipation of a potential upcoming rental market boom. Obviously, I'm not going to give up this apartment for a market rate unit. I would
however, trade on it for a comparable or better stabilized one, in effect leveraging my potential buy out fee against a finding fee for a comparable stabilized apartment.

My question is: what can I realistically expect in this deal? How much of a fee would a landlord pay to get me out, and how much would it take to motivate a broker to give me a stabilized apartment like this? Would a broker want to get involved in a deal like this or would the complication not be worth it to them? My current apartment is a large high ceiling 1br, 700 sq ft., Loft feel, Well designed, +prime location near Union Sq, historic elevator building, probably would market for $4-6K mo.

I would only consider a truly comparable or better place. Keep in mind- I have no reason to move.

Any thoughts?

Thanks from the bottom of the real estate food chain.

Stick us in this situation and we would never pack up and leave. But what say you? Your take in the comments, please.
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