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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Ricky Signs, Vera Sells

1) You know what the best thing about Ricky Martin closing on his 40 Bond unit at a slightly discounted $6.3 million? The LLC he formed to purchase it is called "40 Bonbon." By the way, we'll have much more on 40 Bond later today. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) The NASCAR invasion of Manhattan continues! OK, it was just Jeff Gordon before. But hot shot youngster (or so we're told) Brian Vickers just plunked down $4.6 million for a penthouse at 92 Greene Street, also known as the Andres Escobar-designed Mercer Greene. As to whether or not he'll live there, unclear. [M'hattan Transfers/Max Abelson]

3) You want to know how Vera Wang can afford to sell her crap at Kohl's for cheap prices? Because her $35 million 778 Park apartment just went to contract. [The Real Estate]

4) What good is an Insanity Palace without a little insanity? Mariah Carey has been renting a furnished two-bedroom condo at 15 Broad Street for a respectable $8,000 per month. [Keil]

5) The Real Deal looks at the "new rules of celebrity real estate," which is just a fun excuse to get brokers to share their celeb war stories. Like Dolly Lenz: "Lenz took Barbra Streisand for a second look at a beautiful penthouse owned by a local meatpacking mogul. When Streisand entered the house, he fell to his knees and began singing 'People Who Need People.' 'I can only tell you that she did not buy that apartment,' said Lenz. [TRD/Adam Piore]

778 Park Avenue

778 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021

15 Broad Street

15 Broad St, New York, NY 10005