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It Happened One Weekend: Madison Ave. Re-do, Frenchie Goes FSBO, More

1) If you want a taste of how ridiculous the luxury market has become, twenty years after Morgan Court?the ugly 32-story sliver building on Madison and 36th Street (right, via PropShark)?first went rental after selling just enough apartments to get the offering plan approved, the owner is now trying to sell off all the remaining sponsor units for $1,600/sqft. Three of the units are priced at more than all 18 previous sales combined. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

2) We haven't seen a charity vs. tenant battle since the Bowery Mission tried to collect years of back rent from CBGB, but now the Salvation Army is trying to evict everyone in its two women-only buildings so the glorified dorms can be sold. This includes The Parkside, on Gramercy Park, which is expected to become luxury condos. The tenants have set up a blog arguing their side, but so far it's not looking good. ['Twist in Eviction Fight: Charity as Landlord']

3) Fairly demanding/semi-jerky French dude thinks one of Corcoran's top brokers is fucking with him, so he enlists his family to help sell his Trump International and two Time Warner Center apartments via this website, and he actually sells one! Not quite sure if that's a success story or not. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

4) This extremely fascinating profile of Lev Leviev focuses more on the Russian-Israeli magnate's diamond business than his expanding New York real estate portfolio, but wow, it's interesting. We're talking underground circumcisions, Borat reviews and tons of cash. His former cohort Shaya Boymelgreen only gets referred to as "a partner" in one sentence. Talk about a diss. [NYT magazine]

5) Joyce Cohen follows up last week's angering tale of privilege with a young couple in love who just want to find a one-bedroom and make it work. They bounce around from 17th Street to Park Slope to the UWS to Hamilton Heights, charming us along the way and finishing up with a not-quite-happy ending. Just like real life! [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]