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One Madison Park's Whisper Campaign Working Too Well

News of the eventual shuttering of Bobby Flay's Bolo reminded us to check up on the new condo tower that is the reason for the Bolo building's sale: One Madison Park. A Triple Mint update on the building also may have pushed us to get our asses in gear. The building-to-be used to be known as the Saya before a marketing switch to Brown Harris Stevens resulted in a classy rebranding. The renderings of the 60-story glass tower have been floating around the Wired New York thread on the building for a while (and apparently originated on a glass company's website), and while the construction is still in its infancy, the state of this development may?dare we say?shock you.

Above left, you can see the side of One Madison Park that will front busy 23rd Street, so what's with the 23 East 22nd Street address? That is the address on the building that houses Bolo, which the developers of OneMadPark just closed on. There's no way in hell Liev and Naomi would enter their home on such a traffic-riddled thoroughfare, so One Madison Park will have retail on the 23rd Street side, and the residental lobby on quiet, leafy 22nd Street.

And here's the crazy part. We've mentioned the brisk sales before, but according to StreetEasy, an astounding 47 of the 50 active sales listings (and 72 units total) are already in contract, at a blistering average of $2,137 per square foot. Talk about flying under the radar! The building is not on the BHS new developments page, and the website is down (old version cached here) as we type this. The three listings still dangling out there include a $9.5 million 4BR, a $6.9 million 3BR and a $5.35 million 3BR. Get them while you can.
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One Madison Park

One Madison Park, New York, NY 10010

23 East 22nd Street

23 East 22nd Street, New York, NY