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Letter to Prospect Park: Send the Marching Band to Park Slope

One of the surest signs of the end of summer and onset of fall is the annual Practicing of the Marching Bands in Prospect Park, which can be heard far and wide. Apparently, the neighbors on the non-Park Slope side of the park take the brunt of it. Across the Park, which blogs out of Prospect Lefferts Gardens, isn't feeling the high-stepping sounds of marching band tunes and has penned an "Open Letter to Prospect Park." They write:

I was just wondering if you could have that marching band (or whatever it is) that practices on Tuesday and Thursdays nights and Saturday afternoons on the east side of the park to play sometimes by Jennifer Connelly's house on Prospect Park West. As you know, we really enjoy listening to the same music over and over again on our side of the park, particularly if it is repetitive, loud and disruptive. So... we thought if you could have them practice on the West side of the park sometimes then people like Ms. Connelly and others in Park Slope could also appreciate this music as well. I'm sure that the musicians would enjoy the chance to practice in different places! I notice that they have been located at various spots over the past few years –but strangely they are always on the east side of the park! Never on the west.Perhaps if they practiced a greater variety of tunes?
· Open Letter to Prospect Park: Bad Band Practice [Across the Park]