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Coney Island Counterproposal: Go Green, Shoot Hoops?

"Coney Island cries out for an active city role," writes Tom Angotti in the Gotham Gazette, and damn it, he's going to tell the city just how to get involved! This is most likely the start of a Coney-covering trend. With all the problems surrounding Thor Equities' controversial redevelopment plan, folks will be coming out of the woodwork with plans for a post-Thor-giving-up Coney Island. Angotti wants the city to continue on the path of the rebuilt, energy-efficient Stillwell Avenue subway station, and incorporate Coney into the PlaNYC2030 sustainability plan. That, or maybe go with an old Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn proposal (warning: PDF) to build the Nets arena right on the boardwalk. We highly enjoy both suggestions, but we'd really love it if both ideas could somehow be combined into one superproposal. Wait, what about an outdoor basketball court made of recycled Coney Island legal documents, uniforms sewn from carny hand-me-downs and concession sales of whatever fell to the floor at Nathan's? Five second rule permitting, of course.
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