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CurbedWire: Tower of Fun Does the LES, Free iPods at Mansfield, Fart Cloud Building Update

[Photo courtesy of Danny L./flickr]

LOWER EAST SIDE?The Tower of Fun, pictured above as it appeared this afternoon on Canal Street, has been generating emails. The tipster who captured it action in the photo writes, "For the second evening in a row I've passed by the 'Tower of Fun' on my way home: it's parked on the corner of Canal and Essex, right by the triangle ("Straus Square") and the East Broadway subway station." Another tipster fills in some detail: "I even saw a live cop peer out the window and then lower the contraption as other of NY's finest approached the tower. From what I heard, there have been a few muggings and the like in and around the E. Broadway subway station."

MIDTOWN?If you're heading to the Mansfield Hotel media event tonight, brace for the gift bags. A tipster reports, "I hear that the Mansfield hotel is including ipods in the gift bags at the media event/opening party tonight. Gross! But i still want to go!"

WILLIAMSBURG?As expected, work to dispatch Williamsburg's Giant Fart Cloud Building to the big gas works in the sky is underway, and it has not been uneventful today. A special correspondent updates: "They're digging up the sidewalk in front of the cabbage factory/5 Roebling. It's now just a giant hole that some guy is working inside...I think there's something wrong down there. There had been a steady stream of water oozing out from under the gate, so maybe there's a main break or something. Who knows."