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Trump Soho Press Conference Report: The Renderings!

As a jokey way of drumming up interest in the launch of Trump Soho, Donald Trump announced to reporters as he was leaving the press conference, "Come to the party tonight. OJ is bringing Britney!" But little did The Donald know, all we need to get pumped about something is a fresh crop of renderings, and the media kit given out at the press conference has plenty. Above is a glimpse of the future lobby, done up in typical David Rockwell style. The interiors and furnishings are all Rockwell Group and Fendi Casa, and it's time to see what this hotel will be made of.

Who says Trump doesn't care about preserving Soho?! This public plaza is a bone thrown to all the haters. Note the illustrated Bentley parked outside. Suave!

An upper-floor guest suite living room, looking a little too Lost in Translation for our liking.

Guest suite bedroom, looking up toward the Empire State Building.

The bathroom, with what looks to be a flatscreen TV over the bathtub.

Now we're talking! The pool and outdoor deck, where chic ladies in cocktail dresses have already amassed. Cannonball!

And, just in case you forgot what the Trump Soho will look like, here's Handel Architects' creation.

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