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Trump Soho Press Conference Report: The Donald Speaks!

"I want to thank all the protesters outside for making this project so successful," Donald Trump said?with a straight face!?as he stepped up to the microphone at the Trump Soho press conference. Can one blame The Donald for his hubris? The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation protests surrounding the condo-hotel at 246 Spring Street have given both him and Trump Soho a gigantic amount of press, and just look above to see what the protests have accomplished. This thing is getting built, folks. Case closed. Has Trump ever had to do so little to gain so much? The building is a Sapir/Bayrock development with his name slapped on it for international marketing purposes, and they're charging around $3,000/sqft for units an owner can only live in 120 days per year. Bravo.

Some additional details were revealed at the press conference: units can be reserved starting today; over 3,200 applications have been received so far; some suites will have over 10,000sqft of space; the furnishings will be Fendi Casa; a members-only lounge on the 46th Floor will be called "SoHi." Don Jr. stepped to the mic and told the crowd assembled in the shell that will one day be Trump Soho's lobby, "This will be far superior to any hotel in New York City." We shall see.

The protestors were herded into a pen across Varick Street, catty-corner to Trump Soho. This surely reduced the intensity of the protest.

The entrance.

There were plenty of police officers on hand. We hear the GVSHP's Andrew Berman gets pretty damn wild.

If protestors tried to stand anywhere near the building, the cops made them keep walking.

Whether you want it or not, the hair was there.

Going up in the construction elevator. Wheeeeeeee!

Walking into the lobby space, where refreshments and a rose-covered surface awaited.

Something is definitely possessed, and we're not sure if it's Soho. Spooky!

The stage, complete with Bayrock executives, Alex Sapir and nearly every Trump you can name, including the one with the lisp that you can't.

All the Trumps got a crack at the mic. Donald was speaking about 100 decibels louder than everyone, so all of Soho and parts of Tribeca most likely heard him.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, Trump Soho!" The curtain parts, and there's the model! Absolute frenzy, despite the renderings that have been around for months.

The victory photo op.

Thar she blows.

The aftermath of short photographers.

Coming up later, all the newly released Trump Soho renderings.
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Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013