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Ridiculous Amenity Alert: 510 Madison Gets Wet

Developer Harry Macklowe may have put the kabosh on the condo-hotel plans at 510 Madison Avenue in favor of a boring office tower (right), but it looks like one condo-hotel amenity didn't get the memo passing along the word. The Times, in a story about how developers are trying to lure hedge funders and brokerages to new commercial properties, drops this bombshell:

The owners of the G.M. building, Harry Macklowe and his son, William S. Macklowe, are trying to go their tenants one better. Their 30-story tower at 510 Madison Avenue, now under construction at 53rd Street in Midtown Manhattan and expected to be completed next summer, will have not only a health club just for tenants but also a 20-yard-long swimming pool.Perfect. As if the stock and finance worlds weren't already full of bullshit macho posturing, Harry Macklowe had to go and add a locker room and partial nudity. Let the shrinkage jokes begin!
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510 Madison Avenue

510 Madison Avenue, New York, NY