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Solow's East River Waterfront Moves Forward

Now that the Con Ed buildings are gone and the activists have had their fun, it's time for developer Sheldon Solow to get down to the nitty gritty of getting his massive East River hole-in-the-ground filled with the mixed-use towers we all know and love. The Sun reports that a Community Board hearing is scheduled tomorrow for the First Avenue development plans, and it's no surprise that since this is what could be the biggest privately owned piece of developable land in Manhattan, there may be some hang-ups in the public approval process. Some officials believe the six buildings and 5 million square feet of development are too dense for the UN-dominated neighborhood. The above image comes from the environmental impact statement (warning: PDF), and while this does look like the biggest set of dominoes ever constructed, a Curbed reader did randomly email us saying that Whole Foods wants to stick a store somewhere in the complex, so hey, that's something.
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