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Hudson Square Heat at 100 Varick Too

Things are hopping in Hudson Square, and it's not just the new Trump palace of peek-a-boo, about which we will have a great deal very shortly. That blue metal thing rising over Watts Street at the right in the photo above is a the new Peter Poon hotel, unpopular before it has even opened. In between those two sites, at 100 Varick Street, four old buildings are being demo-ed to make way for something new. Will the building in the rendering be what goes up on this busy block between Watts and Broome? Seems it's anybody's guess.

The rendering above is for a 10-story residential building from the EM Design Group. It was bandied about last year by the gang over at Wired New York. Back then the development site consisted solely of the two properties along the length of the Varick Street block (and directly across from the entrance to the Holland Tunnel). Those two lots are owned by a group called 100 Varick Realty LLC. A few months back they bought an old walk-up around the corner at 557 Broome. Then, in July they grabbed the last of the four lots, a pretty little thing at 66 Watts Street, for $2.4 M. Meanwhile, some folks around Watts Street are wondering what's up. If anybody out there knows what is planned for this site, our tip line stands ready.

This is the entire development site as seen from above.

Here's Watts Street looking west, with 100 Varick and 66 Watts at the far left

Some demolition porn from 100 Varick.

And, finally, the demo site from across the Holland Tunnel entry ramps.
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100 Varick Street

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