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Shigeru Ban's Metal Shutter Houses Revealed

[Renderings courtesy of dbox]

Ask and ye shall receive ... a link to CityRealty, where renderings of Japanese architecture icon Shigeru Ban's Metal Shutter Houses in West Chelsea have gone live. This perspective is almost identical, albeit a little zoomed out, to the view of the construction site we tacked on at the end of our investigation into the project. To the left is Annabelle Selldorf's 520 West Chelsea, and to the right is Frank Gehry's IAC headquarters. And smack in the middle is West 19th Street's latest mindfuck. Our tipster was right about the roll-down metal walls for the exposures, which look halfway past bodega and halfway to?gulp?the Brownstone East Village. While we ponder the repercussions of that, here are some details: 11-stories and nine duplexes ranging from 1,950sqft to a 3,180sqft penthouse with three terraces. Occupancy is expected in late 2008. Pricing? If you have to ask...
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