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It's 'Mouse Season' in Park Slope

We never thought of mouse capture and disposal as a matter of class warfare. Until now. Here's a post over at the Park Slope Message Board:

It's mouse season. The weather gets cool, and the mice show up inside...I implore you not to try and dump your mouse problem on other people because you don't want to murder mice but you don't want to live with them either. This morning I saw a guy come out of his apt, go to the trash bins two doors down and release a live mouse out of a trap. Nice. It didn't help the scenario to note that he was coming out of a newly renovated expensive apt and walked to the nearest unrenovated, relatively cheap and still inhabited by families instead of groovy young people building. Of course all sorts of people do stupid shit. But since I'm friendly with a young kid in the tenement building, the rich-dumping-on-poor aspect was stark. People were streaming down Union St to the train, so I had a conversation with some guy who confirmed what I saw. It was one of those double take, 'did he just DO that?' moments. Some days you just don't feel like getting into people's bidnis when you walk down the street...but a few posters here have indicated they live on that block, so maybe mr. mouse guy is reading this. Btw, nice jeans.We await the discourse on the rats.
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