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Builders Beware: The Stop Work Order Patrol is Coming

Somewhat under the radar, the Department of Buildings has put a roving team of inspectors to work investigating construction sites where stop work orders exist. Perhaps it's flown under the radar because the practice launched in Queens and has yet to reach Manhattan (Brooklyn was added in April), but you can't argue with the branding: meet the Stop Work Order Patrol. Here's how they operate:

To catch offenders in the act, the Stop Work Order Patrol tracks sites with active Stop Work Orders and conducts unannounced inspections of these sites. When builders are caught working against the Stop Work Order, the Buildings Department issues violations carrying immediate civil penalties that must be paid before the Stop Work Order can be liftedSurely, the DoB should have been doing this all along instead of relying on pissed-off residents dialing 311, but hey, it's a big city. In fact, given the amount of SWO-flouting construction in Brooklyn going on every day, the DoB might need to step this up to a Stop Work Order Army.
· Buildings Dept. Expands Stop Work Order Patrol to Bronx and Staten Island []