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Stadium Showdown: Mets Finally Beating Yankees

The Mets and Yankees are currently locked in a death match to see which team can complete its expensive new stadium first (combined price tag: $2 billion) in advance of both parks' April 2009 openings, and the Sun has an update on both as construction ramps up in advance of winter. The Mets' Citi Field seems to be ahead, as the brick, limestone and steel stadium already has half its bricks, 65% of its concrete foundation and 75% of its steel installed. But, much like the team, be wary of a late-season collapse. As for the new Yankee Stadium, the facade has large swaths of nothingness, the interior looks bare, and the team is denying interview requests on the topic. Hmm. But, much like the team, it'll probably all come together in the end. For visual confirmation, we decided to check out Flickr and grab some of the most recent shots of both projects. The Mets are definitely looking good, but we're not ready to call this race just yet.

[Yankee Stadium photo via popcultrejnkie]

[Yankee Stadium photo via peterkreder]

[Citi Field photo via williamhartz]

[Citi Field photo via williamhartz]

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