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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Reader Rant: 'Ruthlessly Priced Out of FiDi' (103 comments)
"Yeah, I got priced out of the FiDi too. 9% rent increases on one-year leases for two back-to-back years. The first one we could take. After the second one was proposed we moved, but not to Jersey City though."
2) Your Morning Credit Crunch: Brooklyn Foreclosures Way Up (69 comments)
"For people who bought in condo-land, Brooklyn, prices will not hold . If the new owners bought to live in their spaces, fine. If they bought as an investment, to sell and move up, they will be screwed. New investors are now very hesitant about taking risks."
3) How to Clean Up San Gennaro (68 comments)
"I also live on Mulberry and couldn't agree more. This is the biggest excuse to fund terrible sausage vendors and stupid game owners I can imagine. It's not even remotely Italian or religious either."
4) 80 Metropolitan Sales Pitch Gets a Couple of Tweaks (45 comments)
"That grafitti wasn't written by a hipster - look at the penmanship. Waaay too smooth and legible. Not at all cracked out shaky like I would expect a hipster to write. My guess is that it's the geniuses from the marketing firm. If at first your campaign doesn't get any buzz, stage vandalism."