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Bicyclists Will Soon Be Harder to Run Down in MePa

Think the Meatpacking District couldn't possibly get any more Euro? Think again! The bizarro pedestrian plaza was just the beginning, as Streetsblog reports that the Department of Transportation is planning on building New York's first "cycle track" on Ninth Avenue. The hot sketch above shows that the track is basically a bike lane that's physically separated from traffic, as opposed to the free-for-all death traps that currently operate. This one will run southbound from 23rd Street down into MePa North, and not surprisingly, a Danish urban planner was brought in to help hash it out. Oh, those Danes!

And here are some more details from Streetsblog: "DOT's plan also includes traffic signals for bicyclists, greenery-filled refuge areas for pedestrians, a new curbside parking plan, and signalized left-turn lanes for motor vehicles."
· NYC Gets Its First-Ever Physically-Separated Bike Path [Streetsblog]